0.1.4 (22th February 2019)

  • Added PUN2 version 2.7 support

  • Added Game Creator 0.8.2 support

  • NEW Ping update functionality

    • A new option under settings has been added to update your ping to other players every certain time.

    • Photon Change Text Action has been updated to reflect these changes

  • NEW Master Client switch functionality

    • Under options if this on Master Client can be switch if there is too much lag or master has client errors

  • NEW CharacterNetwork now has built-in network culling. Read more here

  • FIX some bug fixes on the Character Network and Stats Network component

0.1.3 (3rd December 2018)

  • Added PUN2 version 2.5 support

  • Added Game Creator 0.7.3 support

  • Fixed other minor issues

0.1.2 (31th October 2018)

  • Added PUN 2 version 2.4+ support

  • Added Game Creator 0.7+ support

  • Improved Network Items inspector and events

  • Fix: better handling of Stats module when enabled.

0.1.1 (25th September 2018)

  • Unity Asset Store Release!

  • Breaking Change: We have replaced our PUN Classic library with the brand new PUN 2 library. Please read PUN 2 migration notes.

  • Added support for new Game Creator Stats module.

  • New Network Destroy Action

  • Fixed some random minor bug fixes

0.0.1 (5th July 2018)

  • First private beta release on